The food

Fruit, snacks and cakes, coffee, tea and water are included in your pass.

Meals are not included in your pass.

*what is the concept of the food?

Absolutely free for you to decide whether you want to eat at the venue or somewhere else.

HSM also offers you the opportunity to have late breakfast and dinner at the venue.

- 5 late breakfast on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 

- 3 dinners on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. 

- 1 high quality NYE open buffet dinner on Tuesday. 
(special meal). 

These meals are not included in your pass and you do not have to pay for them in advance, but individually on site if you decide to eat at the venue.


*What are the costs of The late breakfast and dinner?

10€ for one late breakfast  
15€ for one dinner

Pay only cash at the door in the reception area. (Without reservation) 

*What about the special meal NYE dinner?

40€ for the NYE Dinner / high quality open buffet.

(The NYE Dinner on Tuesday is only with reservation and paying in cash in advance by Check-In on your first HSM day when you are at the event.) 

*What exactly is on offer of late breakfast and dinner? 

The late breakfast: 

it is similar to breakfast in a good hotel. (open buffet).

the dinner:

there is a menu with 6 different dishes.... 

Waiters will serve you at your table like in a restaurant ... 

a very good cook will be for you in the kitchen...